201506010lfgaucho05-4It would be unfair to you if I went this entire blog without mentioning the best restaurant the strip has to offer. Located at the corner of Penn Avenue and the 16th street bridge sits the infamous Gaucho, an Argentinian Steakhouse. Before this year, this restaurant was maybe the strip’s best kept secret. However, due to increasing demand, the owners made the move to remodel and annex the vacant building next to them. Now a full blown restaurant, Gaucho is one of the most popular destinations in the strip district.

I have been coming to this restaurant since it first opened, years before the remodeling. I came close with the owner, Paul, and the workers over the years and as a result of this, I know all of the best options as well as the hidden delicacies of the menu. Now, Gaucho doesn’t have your traditional Polish or Italian dishes that the strip is known for. However, it is still very rich in culture like the other restaurants in the Strip as Gaucho only serves dishes with an Argentinian flare. As a result, Gaucho further exemplifies the rich culture of the strip as it now represents another variety of food that you can find wandering up and down Penn Ave. and Smallman Street.

If you are ever able to make it to my favorite spot, try to bring a friend so you can try the asado (beef) plate. This dish consists of five cuts of beef: the ribeye, strip, hanger, flank, and fillet. Paired with these cuts are sides of grilled peppers and onions and garlic bread that is cooked right alongside of the meat for added flavor. These cuts are some of the most succulent and tender that I have ever had in my life. In addition to the meats, Gaucho offers their signature ajo (garlic) and chimichurri sauces. These sauces go great with all of the cuts. My personal favorite is the ajo but everyone else seems to enjoy the chimichurri more so it is probably best if you give them both a try.

If you don’t think you will be interested in trying the asado plate, trying the spicy chorizo sausage. This is by far the best chorizo I’ve ever had and the grilled peppers that it comes with makes it even better. If you are a fan of a spicy smoky flavor, the chorizo will be great.

Along with the historic sites that exist in the strip, I’d recommend that you stop at Gaucho if you ever find yourself on Penn Ave. You won’t be disappointed.

Klein, Hal B. “Best Restaurants 2015.” Pittsburgh Magazine, 21     May 2015,



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